What's up everyone?! BIG love to the entire TFK ARMY, best fam in the world!! We want to thank you all for the incredible support you've showed for "The End Is Where We Begin," it's been an amazing ride so far!

It's here! The new album has launched! I am so pumped we get to share these tunes with you!

What's up everyone! Hope you're having the summer of your lives! It's been so good to see a lot of you at festivals/shows the past few months, thx for the love!

Whatup! What's up friends? Hope everyone is well. Things have been busy busy in the world of TFK lately. Appreciate all the love and support!! The shows have been amazing!
If you've seen us in the past month or so, you've probably noticed we have a new guitar player, I'm not going to reveal who he is...it's more mysterious that way, I'll let you figure that out. We're excited to hit the road with Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle in a few weeks, hope to see everyone out there! We have some exciting tour news coming up as well, but stay tuned, we'll post it on the site asap. A big thank you to everyone who's requested "Fire It Up" at their local rock station, it's top 20 and moving fast! Keep calling! You guys rule. The song was played at the beginning of the Super Bowl to set things off! Lots going on right now, we're humbled and blown away by your support, let's hang soon. If you're coming to a show, and you have your mask, wear it!!! Rawk.


What's up TFK Army! Hope everyone is getting prepped for the holidays, and getting your last minute gifts wrapped. Thing's have been busy over here in the world of TFK, thank you to everyone who came out and made the "The Welcome To The Masquerade Tour" such a success!