Pre-Order "The End Is Where We Begin"

Team TFK!! Here we go!

Yes, we have a new album we are currently recording and want you ALL to be a part of this new phase and new project!

Because of the last album being funded, we were able to go in directions not traveled before in radio, press, film, and TV, and even having distribution around the world!

Now, to show our support to our friends, you the TFK Army, we are going for it…this time the goal is $1. That’s right, ONE DOLLAR!

Why one dollar? Because we are going to do this anyway...for you guys. The difference is that we need your help to take the marketing and promotion to a whole new level. We believe we have the best record brewing from the studio and we just need help to get it out there, because that in itself costs a lot.

So, we’ve devised exclusive album packaging, apparel, packages and opportunities in this new campaign in order that you, as our fans, will get this one time offer only if you PREORDER it here. AND everyone who purchases a package will get a special code to get 50% OFF at the official TFK online merch store!

We want to engage you as our loyal friends and hear your feedback too. Comment, share the pre order on Pledge Music, and most of all enjoy what we hope you'll believe is our best work as an offering to you our fans, our Creator and to the world. Last time we had just under 2700 backers… do you think we could get this into more hands up front?!

Look forward to catching up with you guys on the road.

Let's get this train rolling!!

TFK: Trev, Steve, Joel